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  • Grip Shift PSP

    Grip Shift PSP

      (Varsta Recomandata: 3+) Platforma: PSP Categorie Joc: Jocuri PS Portable (PSP) / Curse auto/moto

    153.73 LEI

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  • Crystal Shield N` Grip PSP

    Crystal Shield N` Grip PSP

      (Varsta Recomandata: ) Platforma: PSP Categorie Joc: Accesorii / PSP

    39.86 LEI

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  • SteelSeries Grip

    SteelSeries Grip

    Most users will know the problem: A sweaty hand in heated situations. There is no time for wiping it of as the focus has to stay on the monitor. The solution is simple – SteelSeries Grip is applied to the mouse and provides a new better grip surface that makes the sweat problem a thing of the past. SteelSeries Grip fits every mouse and can be attached to the users likes.* Easier grip* Better mouse control* Fits any mouse (Varsta Recomandata: ) Platforma: Categorie Joc: Accesorii / PC

    31.31 LEI

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